Do you dream of that Professional Makeup Artist finish?
Do you struggle to use Foundation Brushes, sponges and messy fingers to apply foundation?
The BEAUTY POD is your new beauty tool! With the Beauty Pod, a professional airbrush finish is now a reality in everyone's makeup regime!
The Pod is not a typical makeup sponge, but a non-latex, ergonomic, hygienic Beauty Tool that will save you time in application right through to full coverage just by varying the amount of foundation that is applied to the Pod.
Firstly, dampen the Pod until it swells up, then firmly squeeze out excess water, squeezing again in a towel to expel remaining water.
Apply your foundation the the wide end of the Pod, then gently work in a patting motion onto the forehead, cheeks and neck area. Using the pointed end, the Beauty Pod is also perfect for applying concealers to blemishes and under eye areas, hiding imperfections and dark circles with ease.
The Beauty Pod is also extremely easy to clean - just by washing with warm soapy water, rinsing and air drying, your Beauty Pod will be ready for the next time you are wanting to create a Professional, flawless Makeup Artist finish.
The BEAUTY POD offers a quick, no fuss method of applying Liquid Foundation to a silky AIRBRUSH FX finish.



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